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Cannabis Content Marketing

Stand out from the competion and drive even more traffic to your website through creative cannabis-driven content.

Content crafted for cannabis businesses by cannabis experts

Search engines have the "munchies" for content, and keeping your website fresh with educational information is a great way to improve your website's ranking, traffic, and authority.

How we use cannabis-focused content to drive more traffic and sales

Creating long-form articles and resources is a great way to get in front of people while they are in the early research phases when determining who they want to do business with. Below are a few examples of successful content campaigns that have driven our customers proven results.

Budget Friendly

Educational Content

Resources for those who are new to cannabis, and are still exploring what types of cannabis are right for them as well as things like ways to consume cannabis, legalities around possessing cannabis in their areas, and more.


Product-Driven Content

Many people out there already know what they are looking for. Leveraging your content strategy to get in front of people who are looking for specific strains, brands, or product types, and highlighting them in your blog can be a major source of traffic.

Zero-Touch Maintenance

Geotargeted Content

Get in front of people that are searching for local products like "cannabis in my city", "edibles near me", or "best strains in my city". These types of customers are ready to take action and are looking for your products available locally.

What to expect from a content cannabis marketing campaign

Businesses that regularly keep their website updated with fresh, useful and engaging content see more organic search traffic coming to their website. That's because they go beyond just marketing their own products and services, and feed the need for people to self-educate themselves before choosing a company to do business with. Websites that regularly produce content also see higher topical authority with the search engines. Topical authority gives more context for the search engines to associate your website as being a cannabis business, helps you increase your chances at ranking higher in the search engines.

Master your cannabis content marketing strategy