As marijuana legalization continues to increase in the United States, and the cannabis industry grows, dispensaries are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to get the word out about your dispensary and educate potential customers about your products is to have a well-designed website.

A staggering 70-80% of consumers look up a business online before making an in-person trip. This means that the first online impression is crucial to your dispensary’s success. It also means that investing in your website is a great investment for the future of your business. When going online, consumers look for an opportunity to get to know your business and see if you carry the products that they are looking for. This interaction usually takes just a few seconds. Having a user-friendly design with easy access to the information they are looking for is necessary to capture their attention. 

We’ve compiled a list of dispensary websites that do a great job of informing the consumer and providing excellent content. Here are the top 10 cannabis dispensary websites:

  1. Herbarium- Los Angeles, CA

Herbarium’s website features a clean design with a captivating color palette. The homepage includes bright visual content that does well at capturing the user’s attention. It is the perfect example of a minimalist design with a pop of color. Important information such as user reviews and a list of their featured products are easily accessible on the homepage. 

  1. Good Chemistry Nurseries- Denver, CO

Good Chemistry’s website does a great job of capturing their business philosophy and communicating what makes them different as a dispensary through the use of striking visual content and well-written text. Their homepage is dedicated to educating the consumer about finding the right product experience for them. Good chemistry’s website is a good example of what it means to offer valuable content and focus on the customer experience.

  1. Planet 13- Las Vegas, NV

Planet 13 is a dispensary that understands its customer base and strives to give them exactly what they are looking for. Featuring a clean design, the website lays out the different product options and provides a great online ordering experience. The product categories are well-designed and the website itself is easy to navigate. This is the perfect example of a clean and minimalistic website that prioritizes access to information instead of bold visuals.

  1. Pleasantrees- Hamtramck, MI

Pleasantrees’s website gives the user an “organic” feel. This is another website that does a fantastic job of displaying what the business stands for through the use of beautiful videos and photos. The website aims to differentiate itself from other dispensaries by educating the consumer and helping create a unique experience for them. The website also capitalizes on the increase of demand for online shopping and cannabis delivery by providing that information front and center on the homepage.

  1. Urbana- San Francisco, CA

Instead of being purely transactional, Urbana’s website aims to create a sense of community for its customers. The esthetically pleasing homepage greets the user with a video that communicates the customer experience and welcomes them into their community. It includes pictures and information of their lounge which invites people to stay and share their experience with others. The information about their loyalty program is also strategically placed on the homepage. The theme of “belonging” is evident in various aspects of the website. This type of design and messaging is a smart way to attract customers that are looking to be a part of something more than just shopping at a dispensary. 

  1. MedMen- Multiple Locations

With tens of locations across the country, MadMen must be doing something right. The website features a clean design and well-cultivated and informative content. The homepage is educational on the different strains and functions as a “wellness guide”. This dispensary understands that as cannabis becomes more mainstream and the customer base evolves, the questions and concerns of users are also changing. Some of these common questions and concerns are answered right on the homepage.

  1. Farma- Portland, OR

Farma has a simple yet informative website that proves that dispensaries don’t have to have flashy visuals and fancy graphics to attract customers. Information about their loyalty program takes up the bulk of the homepage, followed by a list of their positive reviews and awards. This type of design creates credibility and trustworthiness for the business.

  1. Theory Wellness- Multiple Locations

Theory Wellness’s website resembles the website of an art gallery more than a dispensary- and that is a good thing. It’s another beautiful example of clean design with maximal use of photography and minimal use of text. The use of black as the main color on the website creates a high-end experience. Despite its minimal design, the website is very interactive and informative. This dispensary also differentiates itself by focusing on the wellness aspect of cannabis use. 

  1. Traditional- Los Angeles, CA

Traditional’s website is a unique experience among dispensaries. The website first takes you to an introductory page that has a video featuring their logo. Getting to the homepage requires clicking the “View Menu” button and answering a question about your age. Everything up to this point is discreet and has nothing to do with cannabis. The design is a smart way to prevent underage users from discovering the website. Once the user reaches the homepage, they are met with a very open and simple design that puts the products in the spotlight. The categories are creative and well-organized, which makes the site easy to navigate. Even though the dispensary has a physical location, the eCommerce experience is emphasized. 

  1. Grass Roots- San Francisco, CA

Grass Roots’ website stands out from the crowd with its western and rustic design. By adopting a non-traditional narrative, the dispensary and smoke lounge succeeds at differentiating themselves. The website creates a niche experience and does a good job of communicating the business’s culture.

There is more than one way to go about designing your cannabis dispensary website. The websites on this list show that there is a vast range of distinctive designs that may work for your dispensary. It is important to go with a design that reflects your unique business and shows the consumer how you differ in the crowding space of cannabis dispensaries.

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